Take California Back

Elections/Voting - What You Can Do

✔️Attend your County Central Committee meetings
✔️Find a position on the local Central Committee that allows you to affect change.
✔️Stand up and make change!
✔️Seek out Local and State Candidates
✔️Volunteer to precinct walk, call bank etc with the Candidate not the local GOP.


  • The duty of every American is to protect the American way of life. Running for office has been neglected by the majority of Americans being left to those who abuse the office and destroy America. 

Running for office 

  • Local offices are completely overlooked and generally have an election date later than the Primary. 

  • Local offices are extremely important and can negate State action.
  • State & Federal Offices are highly sought after:
  1. Generally are ineffective as there is no cross party work unless it is the “right” capitulating to the “left”.
  2. Have regularly been overturned in court.
  3. Not allowed to vote outside of what McCarthy expects.


  • Donate directly to your Candidate.

  • Avoid using online donation services.
  • Avoid donating to “career” or “GOP heavy” politicians.
  • Stop all donations to California Republican Party or Republican Party (GOP).
  • CA GOP /GOP donations are not used to elect Candidates, help California or take up legal challenges to absurd laws & mandates.


  • Learn & understand the issue that affect California.

  • Speak about the issues as conversation, the most unlikely people will respond.
  • Create a community of like-minded people to:
  • Make the American Community a reality.
  • Support Candidates.
  • Oppose mandates & other bad decisions.


  • Work inside the Election. 

  • Sign up to be a Poll worker; Sign up to count ballots.
  • Sign up to be a Poll Observer.
  • Vote for America First Candidates.
  • Avoid or do not vote for “career” or “incumbent”. 
  • Review the endorsement of Candidates.
  • Look for endorsement by non-political or “usual” groups.
  • Proceed with caution Candidates who have sought out and accepted GOP endorsement.


  • Do your homework – Candidates registered as Republicans may not hold conservative values.

  • Candidates who are endorsed by CAGOP signal a willingness to capitulate their beliefs to that of the party and vote as instructed by the party, not necessarily what is the best for America.
  • Endorsements by CAGOP are for sale and sold to at least one candidate for $40,500.




  • If you do not receive a VBM ballot, contact your local Registrar of Voters / Clerk and file a formal complaint.


  •  Vote the day of the election at your assigned polling place (Use your discernment on when to vote).

  •  If you are unable to find your polling place, go to your Registrar of Voters/Clerks Office.

  • Ask for a supervisor.

  • If a supervisor is not available, ask for the person in charge record the person’s name, title & conversation.
  • File a formal complaint about your vote being stolen included the following in the complaint.
  • The date and location your ballot was fraudulently cast.
  • That voter fraud and identity theft has taken place regarding your right to vote and that you (the voter) arrived with your original mail-in-ballot in hand and were told by the ROV staff (or voting staff) that you already voted.
  • Demand the cast ballot be voided and get proof his has been done.
  • Do not vote Provisional; ALWAYS get names.


  • Elections are run by the County, the Sheriff’s Dept is responsible for County buildings, programs and events such as elections.

  • If you are not satisfied or the ROV will not record a formal complaint that can be tracked, contact your County Sheriff’s office and inform them that your identify has been stolen and used to illegally vote on your behalf.
  • Request a Deputy be dispatched to your location to take a report.
  • Allow the Deputy to view original mail in ballot, (DO NOT let them take it) and request they take a statement from the ROV office or vote center staff.
  • Ask for a report or incident # to track the matter.
  • File reports with Voter Integrity Groups.

Vote in Person on June 7th 

✔️Do not accept a provisional ballot
✔️Demand a paper ballot
✔️Void your mail-in ballot

Vote by Mail


  • Have a Bar Code that returns Voter Information such as Party Affiliation. 
  • This information is cross referenced with lists that show how the Voter cast their ballots in previous elections and the likelihood of how they will cast their ballots in the current election (see PDI).
  • Must go thru scrutiny of a seasonal worker who is not required to be a US Citizen or a resident.
  •  Are "remade" without supervision or observers.

Voting Early

  • Gives early return information that is illegal to disclose prior to 8:00pm the day of the election.
  • Early returns are regularly illegally leaked by Election Staff used to dissuade voters from going to the Polling Place.
  • Early returns are used by the media to convince voters the election is already over, it's futile to go vote at that point.
  • Early returns are used to cover up election fraud that takes place after the polling closes aka 2:00am mass ballot drops or sudden changes to election results.

This information is common knowledge to Political Parties, their operatives and most Candidates. These methods are employed to sway election results stealing your vote and right to ‘one legally cast ballot for each voter’.

Why would you vote for someone who advocates for your vote to be taken away by fraud?