Terry v. Ohio

Chille DeCastro
Chille DeCastro is Colombian & Irish-German. His Grandfather’s side of the family fought in the Revolutionary War. Raised in Alaska, he moved to Los Angeles in the year 2000. After current Chief of Police “Michael Moore” No-Knock-Raided his home in 2001, he hired Robert Shapiro and beat the charges. Since then, he has studied the law and pin pointed that Terry v Ohio is the lynchpin of the police state and prison state.

Delete Lawz

Mission Statement

Four Main Objectives:
    1. Overturn Terry v. Ohio
    2. We seek reform of the SCOTUS selection process: Six Districts with Nine Elected Supreme Court Justices for a total of 54 elected Supreme Court Justices.
    3. We intend to champion effective and creative reform; The Montesquieu, Locke, and Rousseau Agencies
    4. We intend to pitch a scripted series to Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon…

Chant the chant for change:

Overturn Terry

Overturn Terry

Overturn Terry





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