All Lives Matter

By Janine Morgan

I will start with some statistics.

10 Leading Causes of Death Among Black U.S. Residents (2017)

[335,667 total deaths]

- Diseases of the heart ...................23.3%

- Malignant neoplasms (cancers) ..20.8%

- Accidents (unintentional injuries) ...5.9%

- Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke) .5.7%

- Diabetes mellitus ............................4.4%

- Chronic lower respiratory

diseases (CLRD) ...............................3.3%

- ASSAULT (homicide) ..........................3%

- Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney diseases) ............ .2.8%

- Alzheimer's disease ........................2.7%

- Septicemia ......................................2%

3% equals approximately 10,000 black homicides.

Police deadly use of force accounts for around 260 of those deaths, or 0.077% of all black deaths in the U.S.


-19- of the 260 were attributed to unlawful use of force.

That means that police brutality, ending in the death of a black person in the U.S, accounts for 0.00566% of all black deaths in the U.S.


The Marxist, racist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian, divisive, and hate-filled organization, 'Black Lives Matter' is taking up the world's time and energy for a total of NINETEEN black lives lost to police brutality every year or less than 6/1000's of 1% of all black deaths in America.


It doesn't.


✔President Trump has been accused of insurrection and declared "innocent" in the second farce impeachment trial.

✔Joe and the...well you know, are illegitimately taking up residence in the White House.

✔California has a gubernatorial recall election coming in the next few months.

✔Covid, cancel culture, and libelous attacks on Conservatives dominate the lamestream media headlines, while Antifa and BLM continue their ongoing assault on American cities.

✔Critical race theory is being shoved down student's throats.

✔The United States has gone from:

  •  Energy independent to energy dependent. Energy leader to energy lackey.
  • All due to horrific decisions under the new administration.

  • And much, much more.

Even though there seems to be a relaxation of the whole "BLM" inspired hatred of whites, hispanics, Asians, etc., don't be fooled.

Lurking just around the next corner will be their next sneak attack on our unsuspecting logical senses.

They will lie about anything and anyone, accuse anyone, and demand anything in order to not just further their agenda, but strengthen their brainwashing of the weak-minded.

Stick with the facts and you'll do fine.



▪Slavery and World History

  • Myth: Slavery is a product of capitalism.
  • Fact: Slavery is older than the first human records.

  • Myth: Slavery is a product of Western Civilization.
  • Fact: Slavery is virtually a universal institution.

  • Myth: Slavery in the non-western world was a mild, benign, and non-economic institution.
  • Fact: Slaves were always subject to torture, sexual exploitation, and arbitrary death.

  • Myth: Slavery was an economically backward and inefficient institution.
  • Fact: Many of the most progressive societies in the world had slaves.

  • Myth: Slavery was always based on race.
  • Fact: Not until the 15th century was slavery associated primarily with people of African descent.

▪Enslavement and the Slave Trade

  • Myth: New World slaves came exclusively from West Africa.
  • Fact: Half of all New World slaves came from central Africa.

  • Myth: Europeans physically enslaved Africans or hired mercenaries who captured people for export or that African rulers were "Holocaust abettors" who were themselves to blame for the slave trade.
  • Fact: Europeans did engage in some slave raiding; the majority of people who were transported to the Americas were enslaved by Africans in Africa.

  • Myth: Many slaves were captured with nets.
  • Fact: There is no evidence that slaves were captured with nets; war was the most important source of enslavement.

  • Myth: Kidnapping was the usual means of enslavement.
  • Fact: War was the most important source of enslavement; it would be incorrect to reduce all of these wars to slave raids.

  • Myth: The Middle Passage stripped enslaved Africans of their cultural heritage and transformed them into docile, passive figures wholly receptive to the cultural inputs of their masters.
  • Fact: Slaves engaged in at least 250 shipboard rebellions.

▪Slavery in the Americas

  • Myth: Most slaves were imported into what is now the United States
  • Fact: Well over 90 percent of slaves from Africa were imported into the Caribbean and South America

  • Myth: Slavery played a marginal role in the history of the Americas
  • Fact: African slaves were the only remedy for the labor shortages that plagued Europe's New World dominions.
  • Fact: Slave labor made it profitable to mine for precious metal and to harvest sugar, indigo, and tobacco; slaves taught whites how to raise such crops as rice and indigo.

  • Myth: Europeans arrived in the New World in far larger numbers than did Africans.
  • Fact: Before 1820, the number of Africans outstripped the combined total of European immigrants by a ratio of 3, 4, or 5 to 1.

  • Myth: The first slaves arrived in what is now the U.S. in 1619
  • Fact: Slaves arrived in Spanish Florida at least a century before 1619 and a recently uncovered census shows that blacks were present in Virginia before 1619.

▪Slave Culture

  • Myth: The slave trade permanently broke slaves' bonds with Africa.
  • Fact: Slaves were able to draw upon their African cultural background and experiences and use them as a basis for life in the New World.

  • Myth: Plantation life with its harsh labor, unstable families, and high mortality, made it difficult for Africans to construct social ties
  • Fact: African nations persisted in America well into the 18th century and even the early 19th century.

  • Myth: Masters assigned names to slaves or slaves imitated masters' systems of naming.
  • Fact: In fact, slaves were rarely named for owners. Naming patterns appear to have reflected African practices, such as the custom of giving children "day names" (after the day they were born) and "name-saking," such as naming children after grandparents.

  • Myth: Placeholders sought to deculturate slaves by forbidding African names and languages and obliterating African culture.
  • Fact: While deculturation was part of the "project" of slavery, in fact African music, dance, decoration, design, cuisine, and religion exerted a profound, ongoing influence on American culture.
  • Fact: Slaves adapted religious rites and perpetuated a rich tradition of folklore.

▪Economics of Slavery

  • Myth: Slaveholders lost money and were more interested in status than moneymaking; slaves did little productive work
  • Fact: Slaves worked longer days, more days, and more of their life

  • Myth: Slavery was incompatible with urban life and factory technology
  • Fact: Sugar mills were the first true factories in the world; slaves were widely used in cities and in various kinds of manufacturing and crafts.

  • Myth: Slaves engaged almost exclusively in unskilled brutish field labor.
  • Fact: Much of the labor performed by slaves required high skill levels and careful, painstaking effort.
  • Fact: Masters relied on slaves for skilled craftsmanship.


  • Myth: West and Central Africans received their first exposure to Christianity in the New World.
  • Fact: Catholic missionary activities began in the central African kingdom of Kongo half a century before Columbus's voyages of discovery and Kongo converted to Catholicism in 1491. A sizeable community of African Christians developed around Portuguese settlement.

  • Myth: Priests and missionaries were primarily responsible for converting slaves to Christianity.
  • Fact: In Latin America, slaves were instructed not by European clergy but by African Christians, who spread a specifically African interpretation of Christianity.

  • Myth: Upon arrival in Latin America, slaves were given hasty instruction in a complex foreign religion in a language they could barely understand.
  • Fact: A certain number of slaves were baptized Christians and others were familiar with Christianity.

  • Myth: The Catholic Church did not tolerate the mixture of Catholicism with traditional African religions.
  • Fact: In Kongo and in Latin America, the Church did tolerate the mixture of Catholicism with African religions, allowing Africans to retain their old cosmology, understanding of the universe, and the place of gods and other divine beings in the universe.

  • Myth: Before the Civil War, the Southern churches were highly segregated.
  • Fact: In 1860, slaves constituted about 26 percent of the Southern Baptist church membership.

  • Myth: Slave Christianity was essentially a "religion of docility."
  • Fact: Christianity was dual edged and marked by millennialist possibilities; whites could not prevent black preachers from turning Christianity into a source of self-respect and faith in deliverance.


  • Myth: Slaves were brainwashed and stunned into submission and rarely resisted slavery.
  • Fact: Resistance took a variety of forms ranging from day-to-day resistance, economic bargaining, running away and maroonage, and outright rebellions

Agree? Disagree?

✔✔ Let's take a moment to visit an unwritten episode of 'Twilight Zone'.

: : : : You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of (sight) and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone! : : : :

::: Imagine if you will, a world stricken by a devastating disease that causes blindness. In the entire world there is not one person able to see. There would be no automobiles, televisions, and no more accusations of systemic racism - perhaps... :::

Okay, enough of that. I'm sure you understood the "not so hidden" message.


If indeed, "Black lives matter", then why is it that in 2018, the CDC reported that 117,626 abortions in the United States were performed on black women.

That is 33.6% of the total number of abortions nationwide.

Abortions by black women hold the highest per capita total of any race/ethnic group.

A whopping 21.2 abortions per 1,000 women for blacks, with the next highest group at 10.9 per 1,000 (Hispanics).


In Mississippi alone, 71.9% of all abortions are performed on black women. The highest in the nation.

By the way, the home of 'Black Lives Matter Plaza', the District of Columbia, reported that 55% of all their abortions were performed on black women.



No amount of concessions or reparations are going to change any Liberal/Leftist's thinking on what they perceive as systemic racism. It will only continue to empower them.