An American Constitutional Conservative


July 26, 2018

I read about the stories of the #walkaway movement going on and realized it is not just the Democrats.

When I joined the military I was neither a D or R even though my family voted democrat. They were Kennedy Democrats, not the party today.

My first time voting I cast my ballot for Reagan. He went on to be the greatest POTUS in decades. One thing that affected me was the generous raise he gave the military. Most soldiers couldn't afford food. I think my base pay was $500 during Basic and went up to $900 when I went took my final oath. Even though the Left did their best to destroy him, his faith and determination won out. I was based in DC and witnessed all of this first hand.

After Reagan, I rapidly lost faith in the GOP. Bush was useless as VP and worse as POTUS. He lied and treated Americans like "subjects".

The next mistake was Bob Dole. Dull Dole who spoke of himself in the third person, another real winner.

When GW took the nod I knew there wasn't an honest bone in the GOP and it was all pay-to-play. GW was an addict, he loved coke, alcohol and the military. That's why he coke'd up to fly. Yeah useless and weak.

I really thought the GOP hit rock bottom with GW and then McCain was nominated. McRino had a bigger body count when he wasn't flying then when he did. Never mind he was the first candidate to be charged with treason and pardoned by Tricky Dick. He has always been a traitor willing to sell America for the right price. One of the reasons he and the Clintons are fast friends.

In 2012 Romney and Ryan get the nod or more commonly know as Dim and Greasy. Romney has the personality of a dead rock, and Ryan, married to a DNC operative, is the definition of RINO. Around this time I am considering leaving the country or going completely off-grid.

In 2016 the GOP puts up the normal cast of puppets willing to "work with", more like work for, the Democrats. Then Donald Trump, a reformed Democrat, throws his hat in the ring. I wondered what America had done to piss off God.

I watched and listened to Trump noticing both the DNC and GOP hated him, actually taking turns ganging up on him. Celebrities and politicians called him a joke and were already celebrating Hillary's coronation. I knew if both entrenched political powers hated one man he must be doing something right.

As time went by America learned more about the man, his passion and how he does business. He had a lifetime of being a good man, quietly helping others, hiring people based on qualifications and putting family first. He is the man other candidates say they are.

When the GOP "forced" Trump to sign an agreement and the other candidates were trying to throw him off the convention ballot I officially #walkedaway from the GOP.

I know three things:

1) Trump is an American Constitutional Conservative and was running as a Republican.

2) He is the right man for the job.

3) The moment he won in a landslide, the GOP and DNC was never the same and effectively died.

For years I have been neither a Democrat or Republican. I have and always will be an American who puts God first. I believe in family, duty, honor, and country. Summed up if I need to be labeled I am an American Constitutional Conservative or one of the good guys.