How to Scrutinize a Candidate. (part 1)


By Janine Morgan

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do they actually live in my district?

  2. Do they make themselves available to the voters? --Town halls, speaking at events, etc?
  3. Do they show up at these events, etc.?
  4. Are they doing, as opposed to saying?
    For example, if homelessness is of great concern to them,are they serving food in a soup kitchen?
  5. What have they done that shows that they have the experience for the office they are running for?
  6. What is it that they have excelled in? Include hobbies, sports, jobs, public service, elected offices.
  7. Where are their priorities?
    For example, is it more important for them to attend a town hall or is it more important that they have lunch at the local men's club with their buddies?

    Then, reflect on the answers.