In Doctrine Nation

By Joan Albrecht

There has been an ever-so-gradual change in our Country over the last 100 years that our citizens are hardly aware of the transformation that has taken place.
I believe it is a matter of the progression of size of our Republic, and the negative effects of its growth of such gigantic proportions.
When our Nation was founded, our forefathers gave us the skeletal framework of our Constitution and Bill of Rights to guide us to become one people under God. 
Evil entered in and set a plan in motion to snuff out the beacon of freedom. 

Come along with me to understand why:

Our citizens are human beings with human frailties. 
The palate of freedom requires measured amounts of efforts each day to keep freedom free and healthy. 
It requires the discipline of exercising our free will mingled with self-awareness of consequences of choices we make. 
I see it somewhat like a Weight Watchers' program. If we make good choices, we can be trim. 
Poor choices can lead us to gain weight.
The greed of the people to consume at the trough of government has had gluttonous effects. 
The virtual obesity of many in our government has created more and more "entitlements" for themselves and others, and like a cancer, is consuming our resources and paralyzing its host. 
Once a country's strength of character is drained, it is likely to die. 

Lies, distraction, and just sheer numbers of people on the public dole have created an almost insurmountable scenario as to the death of this Nation.
The tragic thing is that it can happen to a mind... and as someone said, it is a terrible thing to waste. 
The mind is the first thing to go in the condition of senility. 
Where the mind goes, the body follows. We, as a Nation of people, have been put to sleep, like Gulliver in his travels.
We have slumbered for a long time, and while that slumber was going on, the government filled with Lilliputian lawmakers have woven their laws upon us. 
Will we wake up in time to get up, or will we just lie there and continue to be victimized?
Think about the choices Americans have made and trace the origins.
Look what happened to Eve when she chose to speak with the serpent!
Choice is a terrible thing to waste

Communism depends upon consumption.
Whether the eyes see a gourmet meal or a golden goose, they cannot wait to have it!
Communism has been so attracted by the blessings of capitalism, that it is hell-bent to pick up its fork. 
It never understands that once something has been consumed the only things that are left behind are inedible.
The Cubans and Venezuelans are now wishing they had different leaders. 
The paunch of the American people are now being consumed by the greed that has entered into our government and the "giveaways" which ironically will kill us.
We need to wake up and exercise our rights. 
If we do nothing, the only salute will be to the "woke" American Flab.