Micromanaging bosses could be a death sentence, as well as a soul killer.

Ever heard of hostile work environments or harassment charges being filed against an employer?

These have become far more commonplace than what is acceptable.

Look at these common signs of unproductive micromanaging and consider how often this occurs in your place of employment.

  1. Excessively supervises their employees. 
  2. Don't trust them to do the task right, in an almost purposeful attempt to make employees feel less than valued as members of the team.
  3. Overly and unfairly criticizes employees' work style, regardless of the actual outcome.
  4.  Constantly inquiring about quantity and quality of work throughout the day.
  5. Repeats directions and directives obsessively.
  6. Frequently interrogating in a variety of areas.
  7. Often "hijack" projects with only a brief mention of efforts by the employees.
  8. Ensures that employees know they have to earn the respect of the boss and co-workers in order to be trusted.
  9. Constantly beats a dead horse. In other words, over-complicates directions, almost gleefully.
  10.  In order to keep the lowly newcomers subservient, the boss makes sure that established employees receive an abundance of pats on the back, in the face of the most recent employees, guaranteeing a set-back to their confidence and a blow to their ego.