Of course there's a crisis at the border, but why?

By Janine Morgan
The sheer number of people attempting to cross our southern border illegally, is astounding and frankly ridiculous.

In recent years, the figure has escalated. That is, until the Supreme Court made their ruling in 2019, which stated that  asylum seekers must remain in Mexico until their cases were determined. At that time, crossings, or rather, the apprehensions, took a sharp decline.
Today, we are seeing a dramatic increase in border apprehensions, as a result of the Biden administration's new border policies. Policies that, quite obviously are another attempt by the Dems to destroy this country. 

What makes it a crisis? 

Let's look at some examples, then you decide.
Monday, Border Patrol apprehended a convicted rapist among a group of about 18 people who had crossed the U.S. border illegally. Isolated case? I think not.
Yesterday, FEMA gave $110 million to organizations providing food and shelter to border crossers. U.S. tax payer dollars.
COVID-positive crossers are being turned loose on the border in Texas and quickly spreading into the rest of the country. Around 100,000 in February, alone.
In recent days, apprehensions of those who are on the terrorist watch list. "Never forget."

Well, you get the idea.

What say you?