by Janine Morgan
June is named after the Roman Queen of Heaven, Juno, also known as the Greek Supreme Mother Goddess, Hera.
No wonder it was chosen as the month to celebrate sin. 
"The name “Juno” is thought to have emerged from a host of words meaning youth, youthfulness, and rejuvenation. The name was widely believed to have been derived from the Latin iuvenis, meaning "youth.” The root of iuvenis was often seen in Latin words such as iunex, meaning “heifer,” or a cow that has not had a calf. It was also apparent in the verb iuvare, meaning “to give aid” or “to succor,” as well as iuvenescere, meaning “to rejuvenate,” or literally, “to make young again.” Both verbs related to Juno’s personae as a mother and rejuvenator, the latter of which was seen in her stewardship over lunar and menstrual cycles."


Not only was Hera a jealous and angry ruler, but she and Zeus both behaved irrationally and unfairly, were often jealous of each other, as well as highly emotional and behaved inconsistently and sometimes immorally. Remember, the Greek religion did not have a code of morals - there were no Judaic Ten Commandments. 

Lacking morals...

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?
Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?


Humility Vs. Pride: The Truth

(From Medium.com)

Humility is a virtue.
Pride is not.

Humility comes when people are secure.
Pride comes when they are insecure.

A humble leader is a confident leader, knowing who they are and what they do.
A prideful leader is an overconfident leader trying to convince other people that they are good enough to be doing what they are doing.

Humility is strength.
Pride is weakness.

The most humble people never have to prove themselves or hide something.
The most prideful people you’ll meet are always proving themselves and hiding something.

Humility is attractive. It makes people want to follow you.
Pride is obnoxious. It causes people to flee from you.

A humble person understands himself or herself, realistically knowing what they can do well vs. what they cannot do well. Humble people are not afraid to take constructive criticism or counsel, nor do they feel the need to take credit when it is due elsewhere.

A prideful person, however, hasn’t taken the time to truly know themselves. The pride in them makes them want to be someone else and blame others when weakness appears.

Humble people are responsive to their people, themselves, and others — asking what they can do to improve and respecting others by default.
Proud people are resistant and view everyone else as the problem.

Humble people understand their dependence on friends, family, and colleagues, and then lean into their support for the good of the whole.
Proud people put themselves first and always pursue their own agenda, even at the expense of others.

So now that begs the answer to a couple of questions.

What does the Bible say about the people who are celebrating their CHOICE in the month of June? 

Is it okay to have an entire month hijacked by a sinful group of society, especially when our precious military only get one month?