"Abortion and the Death Penalty"

(So it's okay to murder babies, but not carry out death penalties?)
In California, the voters approved the death penalty, but upon taking office, Gavin Newsom reversed the voter's wishes and banned death sentences.
In contrast, Newsom has now proclaimed that if Roe v. Wade is overturned or if other states restrict abortions, that he will declare California an Abortion Sanctuary State and allow women from across the borders and the states to come to California to get FREE abortions. 

¿Who are the victims?
✓First and foremost are (over 600,000 annually aborted) unborn babies.
✓Next are the California tax payers, because Federal dollars will not be allowed for use in performing abortions.
✓And finally, WOMEN!!! (Explanation below.**) 

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" 
Now, in steps the RWRA* spewing lies and hate because of the SCOTUS' decision, that really, has been misinterpreted by both sides of the aisle.
The RWRA are claiming that the decision by the court (to allow the Texas abortion law to continue while the case makes its way through the courts) is the beginning of the end for their rights.

The foremost claim is that their right to vote will be removed. (Insert eye-roll)
To expand on that speculation, they are falsely stating that men did not help them with accomplishing suffrage.


Not only men, but Godly men supported and fought for women's suffrage. Jews and Christians from every state were at the helm. 
Churches assisted as well, including Jewish synagogues, the Congregational Church (Protestant, Puritan, Separatist, Independent), Quaker, and Unitarian.
There were several prominent men who were onboard, including •Frederick Douglass and •Gerrit Smith.
Political parties like the Liberty Party (later, helping to establish the Republican Party), Populist Party, and the Republican Party.

Even after numerous urgings, the Democrat Party absolutely refused to embrace universal suffrage (blacks and women).

**Women's Sports
The fact that these same women, who claim to be champions of women's rights are totally ignoring the role of men in women's sports. Transexuals (with male DNA) are beginning to overshadow women's sports to the point that women have no chance of winning.
Where are the RWRAs???

There you have it, the sanctimonious hypocrisy within the radical women rights movement.

*RWRA = Radical Women's Rights Advocates

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