The Climate of Censorship

Censorship can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the subject, application and the reasoning behind the censorship.

In brief, any censored subject that can be deemed dangerous or unsafe is most likely a good thing.

On the other hand, censoring a subject just because it offends someone, shouldn't be allowed. 
Here are some examples of good censorship:
▪️Removal or banning of obscene or morally questionable materials from schools where pre-adolescent children attend.
▪️Military censorship - keeping military intelligence and tactics confidential and away from the enemy in order to counter espionage.
▪️ Intellectual Technologies - preventing the spread of unacceptable and risky applications, etc., especially those that can cause harm to one's identity and lifestyle.

Examples of unsavory censorship:
▪️Political censorship(1) - when the government attempts to conceal or falsify information that its citizens receive.
▪️Political censorship(2) - systematic suppression of views that are contrary to those of a certain party or political persuasion.
▪️ Religious censorship, as in news or social media. Characterized by the banning of Christian or Jewish thoughts and ideals.
▪️ Cultural censorship - the destruction or removal of statues, monuments and other historical representations.
In conclusion, censorship is NOT always a bad thing. Making logical and reasonable opinions about either, can help in deciphering the difference.