By Take California Back 

Which Side Are You On?

Over the last few weeks many other cases of tampering with the 2022 election by California GOP’s “leadership” has been documented:

Censoring Republican candidates by excluding them from “all candidate” events.
Intentionally slandering America First Grass Roots candidates by spreading false information to discredit them because “it isn’t their turn”, they refuse to deny election fraud took place in 2020 & 2021, refusing to go along with CRT, Green Agenda & letting Newsom continue his reign of terror against Californians. Discussing real plans to rid California & America of failed RINO policies and politicians. Belief in and support for President Trump.
Bullying other candidates to stay away from America First Grass Roots candidates or face being “un-endorsed” themselves.

These tactics are reminiscent of communist or socialist parties, they must stop. To do so the People must become active in supporting America First Grass Roots candidates. The future of our State, nation and humanity depend on it. We are at an existential breakdown of the Globalist financial system that has indebted each and every American far more than they can ever pay. The Globalists are desperate and will do anything they can to destroy the real American System.