The Great Reset - Hiding in Plain Sight


The course is still set for the New World Order

Biden's Build Back Better and the Globalist's Great Reset both equate to THE NEW WORLD ORDER

Build a Modern Infrastructure.

Achieve a Carbon Pollution Free Power Sector by 2035.

 Make Dramatic Investments in Energy Efficiency in Buildings, including Completing 4 Million Retrofits and Building 1.5 Million New Affordable Homes.

Pursue a Historic Investment in Clean Energy Innovation.

Position the U.S. Auto Industry to Win the 21st Century with technology invented in America.

Advance Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation.

Secure Environmental Justice and Equitable Economy Opportunity.

Build and maintain greener infrastructure - more "resilient, equitable, and sustainable" way based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics which would incorporate more green public infrastructure projects. 

Reinvigoration of science, technology and innovation, a move towards net zero transitions globally, the introduction of carbon pricing.

Re-inventing long standing incentive structures, rebalancing investments to include more green investments, and encouraging green public infrastructure projects.

Harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" for public good.

Build more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies.

Creating conditions for a "stakeholder economy".

Nonpartisan economists at the Penn-Wharton Budget Model calculate that Build Back Better will reduce the long-term GDP by 2.8 percent, reduce wages by 1.5 percent, and reduce work hours by 1.3 percent. 
The only thing it will expand is government debt, by 25 percent.

Probably the most disturbing part of The Great Reset is how much it strongly resembles business-as-usual, only with EXTRA globalism.
Many world leaders agreed to the Great Reset, including Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Mark Rutte, Pedro Sánchez, Erna Solberg and Volodymyr Zelensky. And if we are to believe John Kerry, Joe Biden’s administration is on board, too.