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Since 2021, Veterans have been denied health care access from VA medical facilities if they do not "mask up", even though outside medical facilities will treat the unmasked, including Veterans.


Face Mask Policy

Face mask policy details:

  • Everyone is required to wear a face mask or covering in our facilities.
  • Surgical masks will be provided at the screening station to all Veterans wearing cloth face coverings entering the facility for a clinical appointment or procedure.
  • Face masks and respirators with exhalation valves do not protect others because they allow unfiltered breath and droplets into the air. Visitors or staff who bring their own masks with exhalation valves must either use a surgical mask or acceptable face covering instead or place a surgical mask or acceptable face covering over their existing mask that covers the exhalation valve. VHA can provide the appropriate mask or face covering.
  • A mask or acceptable face covering should be worn outside when standing in line to enter the building.
  • Every effort should be made to keep masks clean and dry. If they become wet or soiled, masks should be replaced. Perform hand hygiene prior to putting on a mask, periodically while wearing the mask and/or if you touch the mask, and after mask removal.

  • Will be provided with a surgical mask to be worn during all clinical encounters. 
  • Must wear surgical masks at all times when other people are present. 
  • Must wear surgical masks when leaving their rooms.

Note: Inpatients with medical or behavioral problems that make wearing a mask difficult or impossible will be exempted from the above guidance. 

Veteran Manhandled for Not Wearing a Mask and Recording in Public

(The United States Supreme Court has ruled that recording in public is protected by the First Amendment.) 

If this doesn't make you mad, maybe you are living in the wrong country.