Were the Sons of Liberty real?

By Janine Morgan

Most people are taught that they physically led the revolution.

However, there are some who have agreed that they were actually the driving voice and force behind the revolution, without actually participating in the war.

Still yet there are others who say that it was a mythical group that was later given credit for winning the war against Britain's tyranny.

Finally, a large number especially liberals would have you believe that they were a radical right-wing organization that stormed the stronghold of the tyranical British government.

Well, they were real and so were the daughters of liberty.

It's name comes from a speech in the British Parliament by Colonel Isaac Barré referring to the colonials as sons of liberty.

The Daughters of Liberty were a Colonial American group, established somewhere from 1769-1770, that consisted of women who displayed their patriotism by participating in boycotts of British goods following the passage of the Townshend Acts.

Are you a son or daughter of Liberty?