Who’s Fault is it Anyway?

Prometheus, sympathizer to humankind.  'Prometheus' means forethought or thinking cautiously about the consequences and future before acting.  It could also be said that Prometheus "exposed" the Gods for the good of humanity.
Prometheus, sympathizer to humankind. 'Prometheus' means forethought or thinking cautiously about the consequences and future before acting. It could also be said that Prometheus "exposed" the Gods for the good of humanity.
By Take California Back  


The utter failure of the 2022 California mid-term begs the age old question “who broke Mom’s vase?” Better known as who lost the very winnable races of the worst governor in history and most corrupt State & Federal Reps.
The answer is simple; the quiet one, eyes towards the floor who, when the guilt gets to be too much, raises his accusatory finger boldly pointing to the innocent as being at fault in the hopes the grown-ups in the room will believe him.
For the past few decades the state party has been smashing Mom’s Vases with impunity, working with the opposition to water down and hopefully eliminate the grown-ups who don’t leave California or die off. The grown-ups being those who see what the state party is doing, realize the consequences of “feel good” policies & laws, unchecked illegal invasion, no consequences legal system, mismanaged elections and the “fifth” largest economy that has no “check register” or ability to verify that claim. Most of all we see the complete lack of resistance, accountability or solutions.

Over 3⁄4 of California Voters had no idea who was running to unseat Newsom or Padilla. Not unlike the 2016 Kashkari or 2018 Cox runs, statewide offices were operated more like a covert action than a campaign. The state party issued platform was a cut & paste from the Take California Back round tables and candidate training sessions that lacked personal commitment or knowledge of the issues.

This is what happens when the state party openly takes bribes (they call donations) in return for endorsements. Adversity gives them a reason to need more from your already stretched pocketbook than harmony, losing elections gains the state party far more in pity funds than winning.

2020 exposed chronic election fraud we now know is intentional mismanagement. The state party played on the fear and desire of Californians requesting donations in the name of Election Integrity as did the GOP.

Over $300,000,000 in donations were made, not one lawsuit, bill or process was put in place to address ballot box stuffing, failure to properly train elections workers, lack of signature verification, or the inordinate number of ballots that were “remade”.

During this immediate past cycle, the state party’s “unendorsement” process was dominated by two (out of 57) central committees, Alameda & Contra Costa.

Notably the Alameda Chair is currently under California Dept of Justice investigation for his role in approx $350,000 fraud along with FPPC Commissioner & former candidate Catherine Baker.

Contra Costa Chair has his share of legal matters using his positions to get personal clients he charges $5,000 monthly to deliver on his “connections”.
Take California Back, Inc., in conjunction with LaRouchePAC, assisted over 20 candidates to move past the primary election and into the general election. Each was educated on real issues, worked through public presentations, counseled on individual issues & was advised to not seek a party endorsement.

Both nonprofits worked without the $Millions in donations, “email lists” or other "connections" the state party touts to entice candidates who are then beholden to the party’s demands & whims or face being publicly “unendorsed” and trashed in the press as an “ism”.

Candidates end up on a never ending pyramid scheme of raising money to get mentioned by the state party. There is no upside to a state party endorsement.
Elections are a $multi-billion$ enterprise that preys on the honest American’s desire to live free and serve their community. It goes without saying the scum who bait their hook with promises meant to attract the honest candidate they subtly manipulate with the promise of winning are the problem.

The state & national party have no intention of winning and will go to great lengths to keep from winning. The current people occupying state & national “leadership” positions are not leading, have no intention of winning and every intention of keeping things the same. 

In the era of a destructive governor, legislature & president, Take California Back cultivated more candidates who won elections than the state or national party.

Given these simple facts, the state “leaders” know it’s much easier being the beta and pointing out the faults of the alpha, than being a real leader.

In short, the state party has no intention of winning and will sabotage any candidate who does.